gummy bear implant
 n.— «Some women considering breast augmentation may have heard of a type of implant commonly known as “gummy bear” implants. Although these implants are used worldwide, these so-called “gummy bear” implants are only available in the United States through clinical trials.…These implants are made of cohesive silicone gel which U.S. studies have shown to be firmer than regular silicone without the hardness of traditional silicone. Doctors who have participated in the trials report that “gummy bears” are preferable to saline implants because, unlike salines which can rupture, deflate and send the saline solution into the body, gummies’ firmness holds and feels like breast tissue.» —“Cosmetic Surgery: Beware the Hefty Health Price of ‘Brazilian’ Bargains” by Manny Alvarez Fox News Nov. 24, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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