n.— «At a hammer-in held last Saturday at the home of New Bedford’s George Rebello, a couple dozen knife makers from across New England and New Jersey forged, hammered and shaped steel into handsome knives.…Rebello founded the Southern New England Knife Makers Guild and organized the hammer-in, where knife makers shared ideas and experienced artisans guided the neophytes.…No hammer-in is complete without a competition. One event involves chopping through a two-by-four with the least number of whacks, while another involves cutting through as many water-filled soda cans (in a row) as you can with one swipe. Mulcahy says that it’s not uncommon for some knife makers to cut through five or six.» —“One man’s junk is precious material to custom knife crafters” by Marc Folco SouthCoastToday.com (Massachusetts) May 6, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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