Hawaiian peace sign
 n.— «Some refer to it the Hawaiian Peace sign. It’s been termed “flippin’ the bird,” and Dale Earnhart used to call it, “just tellin’ him he’s number one.” But whatever it’s called, they did it in the open, right where you could see.» —“Lawmakers take their parting shots” by David Smith Lebanon Daily News (Pennsylvania) Jan. 20, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. I have a recollection of the term being used during the USS Pueblo incident in 1968. The American spy ship, the USS Pueblo, was captured by the North Koreans. When the American prisoners were photographed as a group some of them were photographed with their middle finger extended. When their captors questioned the meaning of the gesture they were told that it was the Hawaiian Peace Sign. If I recall correctly it was used as a signal that they were not being treated well.

  2. Kimo lanikai says:

    “Some refer to it the Hawaiian Peace sign.”
    No. very wrong. “some” do not. thank god.

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