n.— «Ron-Nai is what the Chinese call “re-qi” which is roughtly translated as “heatiness” which is a term widely used by Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese.…Food that is typically known as “heaty” will include fried food, food high in fat content and certain fruits such as Jack-fruit. Heatiness will cover a whole spectrum of symptoms from indigestion, mouth ulcers and feelling febrile. It may also cause halithosis. The opposite spectrum is “cooling” food which includes fruits such as water-melon and a variety of herbs to counter heatiness such as Chrysantemum tea, etc. Too much cooling food may cause cough and abdominal pain.» —“Re: What does “Ron nai” translate to” by “kan”  Usenet: soc.culture.thai Oct. 21, 2001. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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