n.— «Their a heavy metal band. (yah know, the people with hair down to their butts, and all drive those shitty rusted cameros and firebirds up and down the streets trying to race each other, and then the butt ugly hesher girls all flock after them. IE. Scum of the earth.» —“Re: name that tune” by TinMan Usenet: rec.music.industrial Jan. 27, 1994. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. Carl Burnett says:

    I certainly can’t find an antedating, but I would love to hear a convincing etymology or origin for this. Jonathon Green says 1980s and theorizes it’s a blend of ‘heavy metal’ and ‘thrash’, but I’m not buying it. If someone can dig deeper it’s you, Grant.

  2. It may be a folk etymology, but I believe this is derived from Hessian and is a pejorative term that came out of the american hardcore/straightedge community to distinguish between their version of heavy metal and the more common and more working class heavy metal underground.

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