1. s.e. putnam says:

    Being a pure bred ‘hillbilly’
    (Applachain Mountain Native, ususally of Cherokee-irish/scotch decent) is bad enough in the great white world of USA, where it is often said that HIllbillies are inbred and always “Dangerous”.I know just how politically incorrect most terms denoting culture are, haveing been called most of them. Between my looks and my homestate, KY., I can’t win for losing!
    So, please add to your ‘great whitemans lexicon’ that hillbillies/hillbillys are indeed animals, of the human kind, as well as your definition. I feel many of us have achieved greatness or at least an ample amount of mediocrity, that deserves attention.
    Sara E. Putnam
    Myrtie Lee Freels, Native of Yamacraw valley, Kentucky. Presently living in Yankee territory, Vermont.

  2. Now then, Ms. Putnam: I myself come from good southeast Missouri near-Ozark country stock, and I also live in in the Northeast. Nobody I know would dare call a hillbilly anything other than a respected class of American. Now, a hoosier, on the other hand…

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