holy moly
 n.— «Next, the sending of the invitations, the seating arrangement for the top table, where the bride and groom would be enthroned, the arrangements as to whom speaks to whom and where to put the old holy molies (irish term for the guests that always have to have a great position where they are close to the top table and yet are far enough away that you can’t hear them complaining).» —“Select Entry” by Rochelle Moore HappyNews Feb. 28, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. ellen walker says:

    holy moly
    this is an irish term for old holy people
    very religious
    sweet and endearing term
    excellent piece

  2. love this saying and the writer really is unique.
    Holy moly or Holy molies
    is a term of affection for the elderly religions people who attend mass every day in Ireland

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