hootin nanny
 n.— «For 10 glorious days every year, the Great State Fair of Oklahoma rolls into town. Like moths to a flame, people from every town and every trailer park across the state are drawn to the capitol for what some people refer to as a “hootin nanny.”» —“The Great State fair food” by Jeff Massie in University of Central Oklahoma The Vista (Edmond, Oklahoma) Sept. 18, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. KATHE says:

    YEP, A good “OL” fashion, high in the “holler” party. Y’ALL have fun now, YA hear. KATHE

  2. Surely this has a connection to the Scottish hootenanny ? I’m not sure of the precise spelling – except that it is one word – but the occasion seems the very much the same sort of thing , maybe with a bit more drink involved

  3. Yep, Andrew. It’s a classic misdivision, where somebody has misunderstood and assumed it was two unrelated words. A Google search shows others have made the same mistake. That’s why I recorded it here.

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