1. Lauren says:

    My parents and I are having a “discussion” over the definition of hotbox.  My parents say that their generation coined the term decades ago with the definition being a series of puffs, I argue that my interpretation, smoking in a small space, is more the true definition.

  2. A “hot box” was an overheated axle bearing on a railroad car. Until the mid 1900s, railroad axle bearings were housed in a “box” that used oil-soaked rags or other packing to reduce the friction between the axle and the wheel assembly, or “truck”. When the oil leaked out or dried up, the bearings would overheat.  The packing would begin to smolder. This often resulted in a fire that could destroy the railroad car, and its contents, if not detected.

  3. Alexei says:

    I am at a loss what the word “hot-box” could mean in the sentence “Mrs. Unger was known _from hot-box to hot-bed,_ as the local phrase went, for her political addresses” from THE DIAMOND AS BIG AS THE RITZ by F.S. Fitzgerald. I guess the whole phrase means that everybody knew her, but what kind of a hot-box has something to do with it and with a hot-bed?

  4. Steve says:

    The Box, also known as a “hot box” or sweatbox, is a method of solitary confinement used in humid and arid regions as a method of punishment. Anyone placed in one would experience extreme heat, dehydration, heat exhaustion, even death, depending on when and how long one was kept in one.

    In a sentence: “When the police arrived and entered our hotbox, they took us off to be booked, and if we didn’t behave we’d end up in the hot box.”

  5. Bink says:

    Hotbox-in some hoods it could mean
    a nice looking ass

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