v.— «Now, the movement might take a lesson from an obscure but growing hobby—something called “hypermiling.” Count Kevin Moot, of Bloomington, among its aficionados. “There are people who are speed freaks, and people who are fuel economy freaks,” he says. “I’d probably fall into the latter category.”…Him, and other hypermilers, to take their gas mileage very seriously: modifying their cars, sharing tips with each other, and overhauling their everyday driving habits.…Kevin’s car is freezing, and his windows keep frosting up because using the defroster can kill your mileage. Hypermilers overinflate their tires, block their radiators, avoid using their brakes when possible, and will even turn off their cars on the highway to ride the tailwind created by semis. Not that Kevin does any of these sometimes-illegal things.» —“Does being green conflict with American culture?” by Jeff Horwich Minnesota Public Radio Feb. 14, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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