n.— «These kids are doing what they like, how they like; getting “dumb, stupid and retarded”—and the thing that’s getting them so worked up is a jittery, sped-up, synth-powered strain of hip-hop they call “hyphy,” and they’re here to celebrate the release of a new album by…the Federation.…The story varies depending on whom you ask, but most seem to agree that hyphy started off as a slang word in the “hood to describe people who were up to no good. “‘Hyphy’ is short for “hyperactive.”…If somebody was going around the “hood picking fights and knocking people out Deebo-style, he was hyphy. If, even worse, someone was going around shooting up the block, he was hyphy.» —“Hyphy: Crunk, Northern-California Style” by Shaheem Reid MTVNews.com Nov. 8, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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