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Identifying Hipsters

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  • It seems that terms applied by outsiders to groups are always rejected based on the the raison d’etre of the members. Hippies
    didn’t like labels because they were, by definition, individuals and free spirits and hipsters, well they eat irony for breakfast. So no surprise the term “hipster” confuses with it’s ironic definition. Btw, old hippies have adopted terms like hippie girl and hippie chick to explain their old ways. An Old Hippie Chick

  • Q: How many hipsters does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: There’s no point in my telling you that answer, because it’s a number you’re probably not familiar with, sung about by bands you haven’t heard of, playing in clubs you probably don’t go to.

  • Jocelyn is spot on. I saw an old hippie panhandling the other day, and he had one of the all-time greatest pan-handler’s signs: “Even old hippies need a little love.”

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