Greetings, earthlings. Here's another newsletter from A Way with Words!

This past weekend's show was a repeat, although we tacked on a brand new call: what is the deal with bald-faced vs. bold-faced? Find out:

Also discussed were "gedunk," names of lakes, and incent and incentivize. Who knew that so many people hate both those words?

Last week we received a copy of Sol Steinmetz's book "Semantic Antics: How and Why Words Change Meaning." It's an attractively designed little book containing brief word histories of words like awkward, hectic, passion, and talent. Neat and scholarly! Find out more here:

We're going to have a repeat next week, too, but don't fret: there's conversation to be had on our discussion forums and your questions are still welcome by email and phone. For example, see the talk about the punny names of restaurants:

This week we'd like to give a shout out to our fellow podcasters The Bowery Boys. Greg and Tom dish up a bit of New York City history each week. They're smart, funny, and easy to listen to. Get more here:


Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett

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