n.— «“Informationalization” or “informatization” (there is no consensus on this) refers to the modernization of China’s IT infrastructure, which is part of the National Agenda. The reason our clients cannot escape this word is that foreign companies (and, of course, successful Chinese ones) all have to be seen to support the National Agenda. Upgrading China’s IT infrastructure is a key part of upgrading the Mainland’s industry to be globally competitive and promoting Domestic Innovation, which are a big parts of the 11th Five Year Plan, which is essentially the enshrinement of the current revision of the National Agenda. Therefore, all our clients are talking about “informationalization,” and they have been since I arrived and probably long before.» —“The curse of ‘informatization’” by William Moss CNET Asia: Little Red Blog Sept. 18, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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