n.— «Words like “yoot,” “nuff” and “nang”—meaning child, very and good, respectively—are forming the new accepted slang in London’s inner boroughs, where the city’s cockney phrases are being pushed out by a new type of multicultural-influenced speech, dubbed Jafaican and Tikkiny.» —“Cockney accent being swept aside in London by new hip hop-inspired dialect” Jamaica Observer (Kingston) Apr. 16, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. shakira says:

    erm i dnt gt wotz soo bad bwt dah way we youts spk 2dai wwe kno wot we r chatin bwt.wen teechrs want to spk in a way whre we cnt undastnd dey use big words init.
    dah way we spk iz cak we dnt do it 2 b kwl buht it catchz on wen you go 2 an ina sity skwl.

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