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 n.— «Consisting of self-penned compositions such as “(It’s Good to Be) a Jew at Christmas” and “Shiksas Are for Practice,” the duo’s songs have found favor with more than just fellow Jews. Tannenbaum estimated that 20 percent of their audience is not Jewish. “I want people to understand that the show is not performed in Hebrew or Jewish or with ‘Jew-bonics'” he said.» —“FitzGerald’s hosts Christmas Eve bash, which is Good for the Jews” by Tim Shellberg Times (Munster, Indiana) Dec. 22, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • Good Nenglish! I think that this new-wordism is an add-up to two or three other related ones that I saw before:
    -Hebonics; a meld of Hebrew and ebonics. See my entry at urbandictionary.com
    -Hebglish. Search there, too.
    And…another one that I honestly forgot!

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