n.— «Geelong’s Josh Hunt pulled out of a marking contest and was pilloried and branded a jib. Teammate Tom Lonergan kept his eye on the ball and, for his faultless courage, lost a kidney and yesterday was still in an induced coma.…Perhaps the football community, particularly its unforgiving media, also should consider revising the ancient “code of honour” which still says that “jibbing it”—the euphemism for an act of self-preservation—is tantamount to cheating in golf, i.e. that sport’s most unpardonable offence.…Coaches, whose pursuit of success leaves little leeway for tolerance, view jibbing as a cancer that, if condoned, corrupts the morale and standards of the group; they are pragmatic and don’t expect everyone to ape the suicidal efforts of Max Hudghton or a Kellaway, but the coach’s code dictates that everyone has to go when it’s their turn, or they get dragged.» —“Self-preservation is not cowardly” by Jake Niall The Age (Melbourne, Australia) Aug. 31, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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