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Kangaroo Duck
 n.— «Kangaroo Duck (K-Duck) Operations. K-Duck operations are used when cargo space in the H-60 cannot support a T-Duck or the mission requires such speed and surprise that an already inflated CRRC is necessary.…The CRRC is then cradled to the belly of the H-60 by attaching the harness to the 4000-pound rappelling rings on the H/FRIES-bar. The team is carried inside the H-60 cabin.…These procedures are for delivering a fully inflated CRRC and a team (approximately eight people) during day or night operations. Once the H-60 is at 5 KIAS and 10 feet, the shear strap of the harness is cut, the CRRC is deployed and the team exits the helicopter.» —in United States Air Force Air Force Instruction 16-1202: Pararescue Operations, Techniques, And Procedures May 3, 2001. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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