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karaoke musical

karaoke musical
 n.— «Instead of Paul Simon and Randy Newman, who tried and struck out, kitschmeisters like Elton John and Frank Wildhorn have stepped in. And the much-despised “karaoke” musical has put down commercial roots. In defense of the karaoke musical, it provides a comfortable listening experience that is hard to come by at a pop concert. And when carried off with genuine affection and knowledge, as in “Jersey Boys,” this year’s Tony winner for best musical, it almost transcends the dreaded label. “Jersey Boys” (like “Mamma Mia!” before it) offers an optimal concert experience in which the sound system is as much a star as the performers and the material.» —“Grand Broadway Voices, Yours for a Song” by Stephen Holden New York Times June 16, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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