KLPD n. sexual frustration; blue balls; unfulfilled (sexual) desire or an unfulfilled promise; (hence) a letdown, a disappointment. Also KLD. Etymological Note: From Hindi and Urdu, variously transcribed as (Khadi | Kade | Khade | Kheray | Khari) (Lun | Lund | Land) (Par | Pe | Par) (Dhokha | Dhoka), meaning, roughly, “trick or betrayal of an erect penis.” (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. armagod says:

    The “dhoka” of the acronym actually refers to the cricket-bat-shaped stick a washer-person (“dhobi”) uses when to beat clothes that are being washed. “dhona” = to wash.

    There’s a variant using the word “danda” instead, this simply means stick.

    The sense of one’s eager anticipation being beaten down is the same in each instance.

  2. Thanks! Very useful information.

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