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lead snowstorm

lead snowstorm
 n.— «The 4-inch by 5-inch film can be wrapped in a plastic bag and placed inside an animal that has been gutted. In the case of a questionable archery kill, troopers can put the film inside a gutted animal and shoot a picture of the wound. If the deer or elk was shot by a firearm, there will be traces of lead or the copper jacketing of the bullet. Even if the hunter is careful to remove the bullet, some lead depositions, which forensics experts call the snowstorm effect, will remain. If the Polaroid film shows a lead snowstorm, the trooper will place a medical quality 11-by-14 inch film sheet on the ground and expose it with X-ray for evidence to use in court.» —“X-Rays Aid Game Enforcement” by John Griffith Oregonian (Portland) Aug. 26, 1993. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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