n.— «“Liftoff” in headhunter speak, or team movement in common parlance, is the latest buzzword that’s creating a stir in India Inc, especially in the financial sector.…Recently, four key executives from JM Financial moved to erstwhile partner Morgan Stanley. They included VK Bansal, head of corporate finance; Kamal Yadav, executive director, corporate finance; Sachin Wagle, associate director, global capital markets group; and Divyesh Desai, executive director, corporate finance.…The executive search fraternity attributes the phenomenon to a variety of reasons. The dearth of top leadership talent is by far the biggest reason, they say. So transplanting a team from another company makes things much easier, and is a quicker way to hit the ground running in the explosive growth environment.» —“Liftoffs create a buzz in India Inc” by Vinod Mahanta, TR Vivek Economic Times (India) June 28, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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