love contract
 n.— «With many workers having an office valentine—and even canoodling on the job—some employers don’t want to be liable if the romance fizzles. They are asking workers, mostly senior executives, to sign “love contracts” that shield employers from liability if intimacy later congeals into a sexual harassment lawsuit or some other discord. The contracts, most common in the entertainment industry, also act as a formal way for a couple to disclose a relationship in case their dalliance could affect the bottom line or generate negative publicity.» —“‘Love contract’? It’s office policy” by Molly Selvin Los Angeles Times Feb. 13, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. Ben Teague says:

    Ha–a partner’s refusal to sign a love contract was a plot point in the TV series “Boston Legal” recently. The arc culminated in the episode broadcast last night (Tuesday, April 10, 2007).

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