n.— «Norfleet’s Manscape with Beasts series explores the contact zone between animals and humans in intense color photographs taken on Martha’s Vineyard. She depicts animals that have managed to adjust to mankind by living on the margins of our society such as rats, raccoons, gulls, ducks and skunks. They are not cute and fuzzy, but are instead the hapless victims of the debris-strewn land Norfleet refers to as a “manscape.” These animals react aggressively with bared teeth and appear confused or angry. The setting always relies on human artifacts, including litter—pill bottles and car wreckage—or arrangements of food and drink that evoke Dutch still-life paintings.» —“Artist Norfleet to talk about ‘manscapes’” Lincoln Journal (Concord, Massachusetts) Oct. 26, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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