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Me vs. I, Object vs. Subject

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The usage of the word me vs. I will always be a point of debate. Grant and Martha contend that language works in the service of culture, and thus, there will always be informal settings where the words me and I are slung around interchangeably. Then again, there will also be classrooms, job interviews and the like, where “my colleague and I completed the project” is the better choice than “me and my colleague completed the project.” This is part of a complete episode.

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  • Like Martha, I was taught that you should not put yourself first, but someone gave the opinion that it’s not bad English, it’s poor manners instead.

    One more thing that I hear so often is when people substitute “myself” for “me” or “I.” Also, I hear “yourself” used instead of “you.” Apparently, few realize that you only use the “self” version when the person is mentioned earlier in the sentence.

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