n.— «The syntactical notation is taken from wildcards and regular expressions in programming languages and Unix command line interpreters forming an archetypical world. In mez’s own language “mezangelle,” it is called “Arch.E.typal T[Claims of the n]ext W[h]orl.d,” expanding into hardware/software architectures—“arch” in computer tech lingo—, “claims of the next world,” and whores. Slang and sexual language exposes mezangelle as a messy code, one that does not run on machines, but on a human imagination that encompasses machines and bodies alike. Unlike in the Steven Seagal action movie and the Voynich Manuscript, the semantic associations are not superimposed and therefore external to the code, but are embedded into the code proper.» —“Words Made Flesh: Code, Culture, Imagination: Chapter 2 Computations of Totality by Florian Cramer” by Isaac Darien Neuromedia (Atlanta, Georgia) May 3, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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