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  • you seem to be missing “chinese fire drill”, a term that some think is derogeratory referring to a seemingly chaotic event. About 40 years age I was working in the Colorado mountains with a 70 plus year old man. Part of our work was mining. He pointed to some shallow caves which bore a blackened surface and said the Chinese had dug these. He elaborated and said the Chinese would build huge fires against the rock face. Then as the face became very hot they would form a bucket brigade and splash as much water on the rock face as possible in an attempt to fracture the rock. You must bear in mind that most of the Chinese were not wsell equipped miners and most had no access to dynamite nor any other explosive.
    I can only imagine the Irish laborers observing the Chinese in their attempt at mining, and to imagine small laborers screaming at each other in Cantonese (a language the Taiwanese think is very abrasive on the ears), with smoke and steam coming from the rock. This would be the epitome of chaos. I do not think the meaning was racist at all, but somehow has become corrupted over the years.

  • “Chinese fire drill” is well-documented in many slang dictionaries and so doesn’t really need inclusion here.

  • chinese fire drill is wrongly documented, I made a mistake and didn’t realikze it was going to be appended in the MILF section

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