adj.— «Any rat that has white areas with color is considered marked. There are certain areas that white can be expected. Typically, rats can have a belly patch (Irish), chest patch (English-Irish), full belly white and white feet (berkshire), just color across the eyes (masked), solid white (Black eyed white BEW), white on the body and color over the eye or ears (patched), color on head and shoulders and stripe down the back (hooded), color on the shoulders and splash of color across the back (variegated), and more. […] When a rat doesn’t quite conform to any standard, as far as markings go, they are referred to as “miss-marked.” Most rats are miss-marked. It is very difficult to breed to perfect markings.» —“What Now???” by wildwyskerz wildwyskerz’s Journal (New York) May 22, 2009. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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