money good
 adj.— «Although many of the assets and issuers backing these securities are solid, or “money good” in Wall Street parlance, the mechanics of the auction-rate securities market as well as the continuing credit squeeze give issuers and brokers little incentive to help the investors.» —“It’s a Long, Cold, Cashless Siege” by Gretchen Morgenson The Ledger (Lakeland, Florida) Apr. 13, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. Kevin Way says:

    You can find another usage of this in the article at:

    The anonymous “hedge fund manager” in the article uses money-good, as well as a few other colorful bits of Financial jargon.

    I’m not sure what to make of the article itself, but the interviewee talks like pretty much every Equity guy I’ve ever met.

    One minor note, when you research the term, you might want to try it with and without a hyphen. Since the term is largely used in casual conversation and e-mail, it’s a bit hard to be sure which is more popular.

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