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moose knuckle n. a (prominent) pudendum; the appearance of the (male or female) sex organs in tight clothing. Editorial Note: A related term is camel toe. The divergent understandings of a term like moose knuckle—some people claim it only applies to men, others that it also applies to women; some claim it refers only to prominent labia minora and others to the labia majora; still others differentiate between being clothed or naked—is a common occurrence in slang, where sub rosa origins might not be transmitted with a new term, where context might be opaque to outsiders and therefore subject to mis- or re-interpretation, and where the most common meaning of a term can take time (even decades) to settle. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • Gee, the only reference I ever heard to “camel toes” was with innocent snickering at girls wearing socks with flip-flops!

  • Shawn, would you have anything in print from the period that backs up your claim? That’s pretty much the only way your claim can ever be substantiated.

  • Nope but the spelling of my name is right there and you got it wrong.
      So everyone needs to have a writer following them around to make claim to anything?
      It has to be written to be the truth?

  • Yes. Exactly. You have to prove it in writing that you were indeed the very first person ever to use a term, expression or phrase. People claim to have been the coiners of words all the time, but the number of people who have told me directly that they coined a specific word and who were able to prove it is two. The number of claims which I have proven wrong is dozens and even more claims can be neither proven nor disproven. People’s claims simply aren’t reliable. I’ve had people claim to have coined words even though there is written proof that the words existed before they were born, and elsewhere on this site there are threads where two different people claim to have coined a word. How can they both be right?

    I fixed the spelling of your name.

  • I have to claim responsability for this word. I am the originator. This word was made up in 1993 in Vocational school. A girl in a diesel mechanics class always sported tight jeans displaying her enormous Camel toe.
    One day she was wearing a Rocky and Bullwinkle shirt and I said “That isnt a camel toe its the mooses knuckle” It instantly morphed into Moose Knuckle.
      Blame it on me. Defined it is a huge camel toe.

  • Was never told in highschool I needed a secretary following me around taking dicktations of every work I spoke.

      So your claiming that as long as it made it to print anyone could claim anything as long as they are the first to make it to some form of media with said word or action.
      That dismisses the masses and gives undue credit to celebrities and other often quoted and observed people..

  • High school newspapers or yearbooks work just as well as anything. It’s not about other people recording your words for posterity, it’s about you doing it for yourself.

  • well i dont know about everyone else but there is a party going on here and we were disagreeing about this. some though it was a man and some a woman but one girl calimed that she had a moose knuckle while going to get the mail in the am in tight shorts. thannks for clearing this up.

  • Ease yer jets, folks! The word has been inducted into the new 2006 New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English (Eds. Tom Dalzell/ Terry Vector) and states that the word is a 1960s’ coinage. That figures, dunnit?

  • Yea, mebbe I should go do a check on that cause I’m at wok right now!
    Your site ownz0rz!

  • The New Partridge does indeed have the term, but not from the 1960s. It has it only as early as 1988 from the liner notes of the Surf Punks album Oh No! Not Them Again!.

  • That’s strange because I remember my grandfather talking about camel toe women back in the early 70s.  And he was talking about the women that he dated back in the 50’s and 60’s.  So, sorry boys you all get the trump card.

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