n.— «Mumbai has developed its own language (not to be confused with “Hinglish”). For example, Punjabis are “punjus,” Gujaratis are “gujjus,” Marwaris are “maadus,” Parsis are “bawas,” Sindhis are “vadi sai,” Catholics are “maakapaos,” Muslims are “mossies,” Bengalis are “bongs,” UP-ites are “bhayyas,” South Indians are also all clubbed together as “southies,” Sikhs are “serds” (an English friend of mine calls them “turbanites”) and Maharashtrians are “ghaatis” (that’s me).» —“Mumbai Memoirs: The Mallu Paan-Beedi Shop” by Karma Meet Your Karma (Mumbai, India) Oct. 9, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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