n.— «The repairs to Sprigg Street have included removing fill material put in place to raise the roadbed following the Great Flood of 1993, material that had deteriorated badly, Gramling said. “It was just kind of a mud instead of soil,” Gramling said. “It looked like it was acting more like a sponge than a support for the pavement.”…The cost of the work to be done next week won’t be known until the contractor is able to make the test drillings, Gramling said. The city pays on a per-truckload basis for the process known as mudjacking.» —“Rising above the sinkholes: City is getting ahead of the problem” by Rudi Keller Southeast Missourian (Cape Girardeau, Missouri) Aug. 16, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. A new term for you consideration is “sandjacking”. It leaves the same end result which lasts longer than mudjacking, and eliminates most of the drawbacks of mud.

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