n.Note: This term has recently been popularized by Allegra Stratton’s book Muhajababes. «I call them ‘muhajababes’. (Muhajabe means veiled, or wearing the veil, and ‘babe’ speak for itself.)…The majority of the Lebanese female muslims that do go veiled however (and the number differs from region to region), think that this part is open to interpretation, because they are having none of that. They make sure that veil and flare go together. They have perfected the art of wearing a veil with style, and made it into a fashionable item. And the result is in some cases absolutely stunning. It must be said; no one can wear a veil the way the Lebanese ladies can.» —“MuhajaBabes (or; wearing the veil the right way)” by Sietskie Sietske in Beiroet (Beirut, Lebanon) May 15, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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