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multi-hyphenate n. a person who has (or is known for having) several main occupations. Also attrib. Editorial Note: Thanks to Michael Hobson for suggesting today’s entry! (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • Although I know of no citations, it seems the term could also be applied to people of multiple ethnicities—for example, a Scotch-English-Mexican-American.

  • I did find a couple instances of similar hyphenates to what you describe, but only two—not nearly enough to substantiate an alternate sense for the term.

  • Many moguls are considered multihyphenate. The term is a euphemism for a successful jack of all trades and can be applied not just in professional but also in personal life. I consider myself a multihypenate professionally on a small level in that I can pigeon hole what I do as a Consultant very easily. (See http://www.multihyphenate.com)Personally, I also consider myself a multihyphenate best explained by the logo at http://www.momsoup.com with additions of amateur artist along with other specific personality traits. To me everyone is a multihyphenate in their own way

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