muti murder
 n.Note: “Muti” in several African languages refers to traditional or herbal medicine. «In muti murders, a victim—usually a woman or child—is killed in order to harvest body parts for making muti. It is believed by some that muti made from human parts is the most powerful type of muti. Often the parts that are most sought after are the genitalia of the victims as these are believed to be the most potent. Children are also favoured victims because their untainted bodies are also believed to make muti stronger. It is often speculated that those who use muti made from human parts do so to improve their fertility or success in economic endeavours.» —“Muti murders a complex issue involving cultural issues, beliefs” by Theodore Petrus Daily Dispatch Online (East London, South Africa) Mar. 28, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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