n.— «When nerds partake in one of these activities, they may have what is commonly referred to as a “nerdgasm.” Contrary to what the name implies, nerdgasms rarely involve the expulsion of bodily fluids. They usually consist of the person letting out a high-pitched squeal of joy or saying “Oh my God” with a smile across their face. A nerdgasm is one of the greatest moments in a nerd’s life. Scoring the last copy of “Halo 3” or being first in line to have Lucy Lawless sign a copy of “Xena” on DVD can be a catalyst for the happiest moment in a nerd’s life.» —“The Anatomy of a Nerd” by Jeremiah Magan in Fullerton College Hornet (California) May 2, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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