How-do, neighbor! It’s another issue of the A Way with Words newsletter.

This past weekend's show was a brand-new treat, stuffed full of chewy language goodness. We talked about "the vapors," whether "heebie-jeebies" is anti-Semitic (it isn't), dilemma spelled "dilemna," and nicknames for people, places, and newspapers. Listen here:

Also, we put the word out for another name for people who retire from one job but still intend to be active and perhaps take up a second career. Rehirees? Retirelessants? Re-lancers? Let us know what you think the name should be.

This weekend, Saturday, April 12, we'll be in Indianapolis for the Indy Reads "Alphabet Affair" to help raise money for this important local literacy program. More here:

Also in Indianapolis, Martha will give a free talk at the Central Library on Sunday, April 13, at 1:30 p.m. Be there:

This past week Grant's latest column in the Malaysia Star has caught a lot of interest. It's about words we mispronounce purposely, like "occifer," "computor," and "benimber" (instead of "remember"). Read on for more examples from the column and from readers:

By the way, that column kicked off a spirited discussion with oodles more purposely mispronounced words on Jason Kottke's blog:

Thanks to everyone who rated our podcast on iTunes last week! Super-duper! It's not to late to do it yourself:

Also, if you're a podcast listener who'd like to hear A Way with Words on your local airwaves, why not say so? Tell your local station about our show:

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Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett

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