v.— «A Detroit friend of Janard D. Hackworth and Mario O. Gray II said they told him they “noodled” two guys and “hit a lick” for marijuana and cash—street lingo for robbery and possible murder.» —“2 facing trial in students’ deaths” by Paul Janczewski The Flint Journal (Michigan) June 6, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. Noodled means to shoot in the head and hit a lick is verb hit a lick
    To rob “We gonna go hit a lick” — The Game or an act of necrophilia. i.e.”to hit a lick” = “to rip a dead nigga” this is rap lingo.

    While I respect the fact to record slang and this dictionary would be informative, I would respectfully request that you remove the names of Mario Gray and Janard Hackworth who brutally executed two boys – one adult and one child. To credit these men with any quote and have their names searchable in a web engine linked to your site attributes to them a certain infamy they would be proud of and do not deserve for the murdering of two people.

  2. First and foremost I know Janard, and he would not be proud to have his name on this idiotic site being for “noodling” anyone. Mr. Hackworth didn’t shoot anyone but guilt by association is something else isn’t it? The fact of the matter is neither one of them were going to be found not guilty simply because of the circumstances of the case. Two black TEENAGERS, NOT MEN, and two WHITE teenagers dead? Come on you know the outcome of this case. I got something for you, the eprson who committed the actual shooting should get life right? Cause if Janard is guilty what about all of the white people who looked on as countless black people were slayed in the south years ago? POINT MADE!!! The thing is I’m not a dumb African American so I can’t be fooled by biased laws and politics. And by the way hitting a lick has nothing to do with necrophilia IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!

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