on memo
 adv. phr.— «“I can’t afford to ship on memo. Now, can I sell you anything?”…Unfortunately this buyer probably got his consignment merchandise next door. For there is a good deal of business done on memo in the handbag industry, as it is done in some other industries. And always it is an indication of unsoundness in the distribution plan of an industry.…The bad effects of consignment selling on the manufacturer are apparent. But it also hurts the retailer and the public. The retailer who buys on consignment is not so likely to be alert in his buying and selling operations. Whatever he doesn’t sell he can return. And so he may become careless. He hurts his competitors, too. For while they have to keep on selling the stock they have paid for, the consignment buyer can throw his stock back on the manufacturer and shortly offer the public new merchandise—probably “bought” on memo, too.» —“National Authority For The Ladies Handbag Industry” Bag Lady University Nov. 5, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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