1. Carl Burnett says:

    An interdating for this one would Sublime’s 1996 song “April 26, 1992”:

    It’s about comin’ up and stayin’ on top and screamin’ 1-8-7 on a motherfuckin’ cop.

  2. Thanks. I’ll see if I can track down an MP3 of it.

  3. Colt Laney says:

    yea and its a good song, its about the riots in LA when many blacks used Rodney King as an excuse to burn down their own neighborhood. mabey if cops would live by the same rules as everyone else they’d have nothing to worry about…. nothing implied of course on the surprise, costa mesa, or LA police departments.

  4. Schwank406 says:

    snoop doggs old skool song “Tha Shiznit” also uses “1-8-7 on a muthafuckin’ cop”

  5. OES says:

    hell no matz, dat songs ar old mf, OES iz just a street killin’ code, dats all

  6. jessica says:

    brotha lynch hung says in a song…“187 on the mutha fuckin hook”…or something.

    shout out to cannibal da pitbull pup.

  7. Chris says:

    i agree with colt

  8. R. Hopkins says:

    First used in the title track to the Laurence Fishburne movie “Deep Cover” (1992), performed by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

    Dre: Yeah, and you don’t stop!
    Snoop: Cause it’s 1-8-7 on a muthafuckin cop!

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