1. M Evans says:

    I don’t think allophilia is the right word. “Prejudice” assumes an “other”, distinguishing ones self (good) from the other (bad). Using a word that continues this sense of otherness does not feel right. Something like unity or another word for recognizing the oneness of us all would be better

  2. Paul Kinzer says:

    I just heard this on 10/20/19, and didn’t realize it was a repeat from 2017. I like the comment above, from M Evans. I wish there was a way the meaning of ‘celebrate’ could be incorporated into a new word. I want everyone to see this video. it’s less than 6 minutes long. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbf8nqMh0R0&list=PLL8_5VpX9TxozDVGx7XcVyaGdSBO5ALxD&index=159 Thanks for your wonderful program!

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