1. The bit about fae blood isn’t true. It’s a white wolf roleplaying term only. Vampyre’s can sip on fae blood in the real world all they want. Our blood (being a Vampyric Fae) is quite potent and magickal and won’t harm you at all. In fact it might even help you.

  2. My Definition of Otherkin is: A non human soul who is reincarnated in a semi-human/mortal/mundane body
    who through time and awakening that continues may forever alter their semi human body too become a total kin physical flesh body. The astral spirit is the kin soul after all. It is not hard too believe or experience that the more awakened a kin’s soul and mind is that it may in turn and in fact alter the physical host body too reflect that which is inside it.
    I also believe that this is true immortality and the only form of it.

  3. Lupa says:

    Except that not all Otherkin are reincarnated. Some see it as more a psychological/neurobiological thing, while others attribute it to genetics or physical anomalies, and still others view it as a magical or metaphorical phenomenon. (Or some combination of some/all of the above).

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