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page 75
 n.— «In a typical Hollywood screenplay, there comes a moment just before the third act when the protagonist is faced with certain defeat. It is the part of the film in which the bad guys gain crucial ground after a series of valiant efforts to the contrary have proved futile. The dark heart of the narrative arc, this moment of failure represents a loss so profound that the viewer (or reader, as the case may be) is meant to abandon all hope of a tidy resolution. Well, almost. The convention goes by different names, depending which guru you consult. Some call it a “low point,” others a “dark night of the soul.” But most commonly it is known, in the subtle Hollywood producer parlance, as “page 75.”» —“Going to save Hollywood with your super script? Get in line” by Leah McLaren Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada) Jan. 26, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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