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 n.— «In the past, Spa GP had used paper tickets, which had to be visually checked by stadium employees as ticket-holders arrived. This process often led to long queues as visitors entered the stadium. Spa GP had also struggled with a number of security issues. Some individuals were counterfeiting tickets, for instance, while others utilized a method known as “pass-back,” in which a group of visitors purchased a large number of less expensive bronze tickets, in addition to a few high-priced gold tickets providing access to the best grandstand. During the event, two visitors would enter the more expensive seating area—the grandstand—then one would exit that area with two gold tickets to pick up another individual waiting in the bronze ticket section and re-enter the grandstand together. They would then repeat the operation until all of their friends were seated in the grandstand.» —“RFID Tickets Sped Visitors Through Belgium’s F1 Grand Prix” by Claire Swedberg RFID Journal Sept. 15, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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