n.— «Defined by their size—usually more than 2000 attendees a week—as well as spectacular music performances and charismatic preachers, these churches regularly provide fodder for critics, with marketing surveys, wealth-creation advice and priests who call themselves “pastorpreneurs.”» —“The good and bad of religion-lite” by Julia Baird Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) Feb. 23, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. John Jackson says:

    I believe that I’m actually the originator of the word and published a book of that title (see; my definition is the following:

    As I have shared my vision for change with a number of pastors, some have called this “an entrepreneurial strategy for churches.” It combines the aggressive goals of business with God’s heart for people. I later merged these ideas and coined the term pastorpreneur. A pastorpreneur is a pastoral innovator, a creative dreamer who is willing to take great risks in church ministry with the hope of great gain for Christ and his kingdom.

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