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paycheck game
 n.Gloss: in American college football, a sporting competition between a strong, favored team and a lower-caliber team (usually from another conference), for which the favored team pays the underdog a substantial fee. Note: Also called a bodybag game or a cupcake game. «Youngstown St. was scheduled before the upset so even if the Buckeyes had second thoughts it was too late. This is a win is a win is a win of a game that is regularly referred to as a “paycheck game.” YSU picked up their big paycheck, got pounded 38-6 and left town bloodied but richer.» —“Ohio State Charlatans” by Keltic Gator Orange and Blue Hue Oct. 18, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • With all the upsets in college football this year — most notably (and of most relevance here) Appalachian State’s upset of Michigan, we may need to invent another term. Some ideas: Cupcake’s revenge, vampire cupcake, heavily armed bodybag, garnished paycheck, and my personal favorite, vorpal bunny. (It’s a Monty Python reference.)

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