pee stick
 n.Gloss: A long, thin device on which a woman urinates in order to determine if she is pregnant. Note: Common but as far as can be told unrecorded in dictionaries. «Does the newly designed 2010 Olympic torch look like a joint (as in marijuana, rather than the point of connection between two bones)? The Toronto Star and others have been asking. Me, I think it most resembles what some women refer to as a “pee stick.” According to Newsweek blogger Kate Dailey, I’m not alone. She points out that journalist David Schmader likens the flaming beacon to “a pregnancy test that reveals you’re having Satan’s baby.» —“Friday Zeitgeist” by Marni Soupcoff National Post (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) May 22, 2009. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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