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phone boot
 n.Gloss: An informal location for recharging a cell phone or paying to place a phone call on another person’s phone. Note: A play on “phone booth” and “boot,” the rear storage compartment of a motor vehicle (US: trunk). «In Abuja, the national capital, both the sidewalk phone boot operators and charge card dealers are facing a new challenge from the city’s environmental pollution squads. The city environment watchdogs regard these young independent entrepreneurs—with their makeshift phone boots at various street corners and daring dashing through traffic—as nuisances. Frequent raids by the watchdogs add a new element of difficulty in the lives of these entrepreneurs.» —“Telecom Operators Creating New Employment in Nigeria” by Obi Akwani in Nigeria IMDiversity Nov. 9, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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