n.— «So began the after-prom on a recent Thursday for about 40 students from Tappan Zee High School in Rockland County, the culmination of months of discussions, planning and prom drama, or “prama,” as they call it.…In addition to the usual turmoil over dates and dresses, there is much prama over where to go after the prom and how to get there.…“People want to kill each other, they’re screaming their heads off,” said Alexa Zappulla, 18, describing the rampant prama at Tappan Zee. As recently as five or six years ago, high school students looking for a place to keep the party going after their prom could go to a club that allowed 18-year-olds.…» —“When the Big Dance Is Over, the Fun Is Just Beginning” by Melena Ryzik New York Times June 24, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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