Our Quiz Master John Chaneski leads us on a puzzle hunt, starting in a world capital that’s a homophone for a type of music or food. (Hint: This Asian capital hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics.) This is part of a complete episode.

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  1. sbranca says:

    Couldn’t help but bring this up. During the quiz on the December 5 show, Grant and John disagreed on the pronunciation of the island nation Dominica. I have it on good authority – a person native to the place – that Grant’s pronunciation was correct – Do min EEK a. Not Do MIN i ca.

    Pedantly yours,


  2. sbranca says:

    The other thing about this. When this question was asked, about the day of the week, the first thing that came to me way Whitsunday Island. That may not be a day of the week so much as a day of the year, and it isn’t a nation.

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